Set on 5 wooded acres, The Dog Trainer training facility, near Dublin, Powell, Delaware, Marysville, Hilliard and the Greater Columbus area, was established to help people build better bonds with their dogs through obedience training. With over 20 years of experience, we are able to assess, prescribe, perform and teach nearly any kind of dog or puppy training.

We offer:

  • Obedience Training (including off-leash)

  • Training Dogs to Stop Unwanted Behaviors

  • Training Dogs with Anxiety or Aggression

  • AKC Certified Evaluator

  • Assistance Dog Training

  • Boundary Training

  • Personal Protection Training

  • Pack Boarding

We begin every potential training relationship with a comprehensive in-home assessment. At the assessment we will have a conversation about problem areas, concerns and goals . We will evaluate temperament, causalities and circumstances, then, we give you our professional opinion regarding your options to achieve the desired training goals.  Those options will be explained in detail, any potential questions will be answered and, under no pressure, the owner is free to decide what they may wish to do or not do. 


We offer Pack Boarding because the only people handling and monitoring dogs are Certified Professional Dog Trainers. Pack Boarding allows dogs to spend their time at our facility in a group of dogs - all of whom have been obedience trained and pack socialized. Instead of spending all or most of the day (except for potty breaks) in their kennels, our Pack Boarders can play, socialize, rest, sleep - whatever they choose to do - while spending their time in The Pack. We integrate all dogs into the pack and enforce correct social behavior during the stay. We can offer dog boarding for dogs who have not trained with us, please ask for details.

We have been fortunate to train dogs from all over Columbus, Ohio and have testimonials from Powell, Dublin, Delaware and many more municipalities all around the greater Columbus area. Some of our clients are available to be contacted for personal accounts of their experience with our dog training services.  Please ask for their contact information if you would like to speak to someone who can attest to their experience with our training.

Our training facility includes large indoor and outdoor areas for training, boarding, recreation and rest.  We are conveniently located in Plain City, about halfway between Dublin and Marysville, Ohio.

Rescued, Rehabilitated and Rehomed!

At the Dog Trainer Facility we have experience training dogs that have come from long established blood lines. We also have well established relationships with dog shelters and dog rescue organizations.

Some of the shelter dogs that were rescued by Peace for Paws Ohio were trained by us and ultimately found loving, long-lasting families. PFPO is a non-profit rescue organization that is an all-volunteer program. Through the effort of about 300 people, these dogs, and many more like them were saved; many of them were on the euthanasia list. Help us save a life and adopt a shelter dog! 

We have a successful track record of training dogs that have demonstrated undesirable behaviors - including anxiety and aggression - and helping them to become well rounded, well socialized members of the family.

If you are interested in rescuing a dog, please visit:

Adoptables are available for a Meet 'N Greet with an appointment. Please visit: to fill out an adoption application prior to making your Meet 'N Greet appointment.

Our passion to help dogs find and stay in homes is the foundation upon which our training facility is built.  We train dogs based on dog psychology and utilizing a combination of long established successful dog training methods fused with the latest in dog behavior studies and methodology.‚Äč

Professional Dog Trainers

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Dog Training in Dublin, Powell, Marysville, Delaware, Hilliard, London, Upper Arlington, Grandview, and the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

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