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At the Dog Trainer Facility we have experience training dogs that have come from long established blood lines. We also have well established relationships with dog shelters and dog rescue organizations.

We have a successful track record of training dogs that have demonstrated undesirable behaviors - including anxiety and aggression - and helping them to become well rounded, well socialized members of the family.

If you are interested in rescuing a dog, please visit:

Our passion to help dogs find and stay in homes is the foundation upon which our training facility is built.  We train dogs based on dog psychology and utilizing a combination of long established successful dog training methods fused with the latest in dog behavior studies and methodology.

Dog Training in Dublin, Powell, Marysville, Delaware, Hilliard, London, Upper Arlington, Grandview, and the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

On-Leash Obedience Training

Commands included in this dog training program: Loose leash walk, Wait, Sit, Heel, Leave it, Quiet, Down, Place and basic manners.

When done correctly, obedience training teaches your dog the difference between being on your time and being on his or her time. When in obedience commands, your dog's only responsibility is to hold that command until you tell him he/she is done. When not in an obedience command, your dog should be the dog that he/she wants to be (while maintaining what you deem as good manners). We give the dogs we train the ability to demonstrate self-restraint when asked and the freedom to be the playful, confident and content dog they deserve to be.

Sit, Down and Place are taught with an implied stay. When you have your dog do one of these commands, they remain in that command until you free them with a release word (like OK) or give them another command.

The Place command is when we teach a dog to remain on any mat, rug or other item that has a discernible edge. Their only responsibility is to stay on the item.  They can stand, sit, lay, roll around or have toys or treats while in this command. It is essentially like having a crate with no walls. This is a command you can use all around your house (when company is over or during dinner), at other people’s houses or even outside (at a picnic, cookout or child sport event).

In addition, we teach every dog good manners and correct socialization.

This service is provided in two ways:

Private Lessons: are one hour sessions in which we teach approximately 2 commands per lesson .Private lessons are provided at our facility.  After your dog has learned the command, we coach you on handling, practicing and best practices.  To teach all of these commands takes approximately 4 lessons. Private lessons are pay as you go. There is no requirement to buy a "package" of lessons. You may choose to take as many or as few lessons as you choose and you pay as you go.

This service is provided for $90 per lesson.

Board and Train: is when your dog comes to stay at The Dog Trainer Boarding and Training Facility to be trained. On leash training is a 14 day stay. The Board and Train option offers a higher level of training because it's experienced, professional trainers working with your dog. We teach your dog to be able to hold commands, with reliability, around high level distractions such as bouncing balls, treats on the ground, door bells, door knocks and around other dogs doing things such as playing or receiving affection.

At the end of training we have a "go home" lesson where we demonstrate all of the commands your dog has learned and correct handling. Then, we coach you on handling, practicing and best practices in addition to providing a training plan (how you will use the commands) to make the transition home successful. After the transition home, usually around 14 days, we will come to your home for a follow-up lesson (included in this program) to fine tune issues that are not yet where we prefer them to be.
This service is offered at $800.


Puppy Training

In puppy training we teach the best training practices to help puppies make the transition into your home and into young adulthood as smooth as possible. Puppy issues such as housetraining, barking, play-biting, first-aid, confidence building, puppy commands, nutrition and socialization are all covered in this training. Training a dog from puppyhood is a proactive way to avoid problems that may become unbearable as a puppy moves toward adolescence and problems become exacerbated. Socialization around trained dogs is one of the best way to initiate a young puppy into correct social behavior.  There are always dogs in training and our personal, trained dogs available for interaction and play. We offer Private Puppy puppy training for $90 in which you and your puppy will come to our facility and we give you all the information that we would cover over a four week, one hour rotation in Puppy Pre-School in a lesson that lasts about an hour and a half.

Potty Training - a five week program, at our facility, that focuses on teaching your puppy to eliminate outside. The basic commands that come with the potty training is let's go, sit, place and Go Potty. Basic manners are also established which include no barking, no jumping, no play biting and no chewing on inappropriate items. Your puppy will also learn appropriate social skills in our pack.
At the end of your puppy's stay, you will be given a booklet that outlines point by point instruction on how to continue your puppy's training at home and a one and one-half hour Go Home lesson at your residence. At the Go Home lesson you will get hands on experience to learn how to uphold your puppy's newly learned skills.
This service is offered at $1800.

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 Protection Training

We can assess protection needs and prescribe responsible protection methods including personal protection and/or property protection. Protection training, when done correctly, is the same for a dog as Sit or Down. It is a command he/she performs for an owner when asked and then when told to be "off duty" the dog is the same lovable, friendly dog everyone knows them to be.

Personal protection is provided at a cost of $1500.

Property protection is an agreed upon fee based on the kind of property and protection.

** Protection training will only be an option for those owners that have completed obedience training and have shown a commitment to consistent and responsible handling of their dog.

Boundary Training

Whether in the city or the country, we can teach a dog to stay within whatever boundaries the owner chooses. This is particularly beneficial for those that live in communities that don’t allow fences (or only certain kinds of fencing) or for those that live on large properties that make fences impractical.

This service is provided in private lessons at $90 per lesson and will usually take between 1 and 4 lessons (largely dependent upon how much you work with your dog outside of the lessons).

Professional Dog Trainers

  The Dog Trainer

Below are all shelter dogs that were rescued by Peace for Paws Ohio. These PFPO dogs were then trained by us and ultimately found loving, long-lasting families. PFPO is a non-profit rescue organization that is an all-volunteer program. Through the effort of volunteers, these dogs, and many more like them, were saved; many of them were on the euthanasia list. Help us save a life and adopt a shelter dog!

The Dog Trainer

12805 Adams Rd.

Plain City, Ohio 43064

Behavior Modification

We can solve unwanted barking, chewing, jumping, digging, car sickness or eating unwanted items (such as mulch, stones, feces). We can address any anxiety issues including storms, strangers, loud/sudden noises, other dogs, large trucks or other fears. We can also address aggression issues regarding people, dogs, other pets/animals and food or toys.

This service is provided in private lessons or in a board and train.

 Off-Leash Obedience Training

Off leash obedience training is teaching your dog to be as reliable off leash, at distance, as they would be if you were right there holding a leash. When doing off leash training we work all of the commands taught in on leash training around very high (and practical) distractions to ensure your trust in and the reliability of your dog in nearly any situation.

Off leash obedience training allows your dog to be able to go with you almost anywhere you would like to go.  When a dog is well trained, both you and your dog feel confident and comfortable without a leash wherever it is appropriate and allowable. 
This training takes place after 0n-leash obedience training.  After a dog learns all of the on-leash obedience commands and has been proofed as reliable in high distraction situations, we then begin training dogs to be reliable in the same high distraction situations without any physical tether.  Dogs are taught to be reliable based solely on verbal control.

This off leash training service is offered as a 14 day program after on-leash obedience for $1,250.

This training service is also offered as a 21 day program that includes on leash and off leash obedience for $1,800.

Both of the off-leash options include a go-home training lesson and a follow-up training lesson.
All training options also include a training plan and a vocabulary list for reference in the home, after transitioning home. 
Updates are sent by email, text or phone calls when dogs come to be trained at our facility.  We let you know how the training is going, what has been learned, friends that have been made and where we are going with the training.
During training all dogs are educated in proper social behavior and experience life in a pack atmosphere.  Dogs that lack proper social skills are taught appropriate behavior and those that possess good social skills are free to practice and reinforce those skills.