We are so happy with the training and the new balanced Autumn!  Ron was hopeful, but still skeptical there would be any true change in her behavior.  Needless to say, he is very happy and said you guys did an awesome job! Many thanks!
- Traci, Gahanna

Karys is doing better each day at long sits while I walk or even run away from her! Today she stayed in a sit out of my sight while I talked to people while on our walk. She is so much less anxious now that she can count on me to tell her what to do in every situation.

-Sarah, Powell

I just sent another friend your way [and hope he reaches out soon]. We rave about how improved Karys' behavior is and we keep working with her!
-Sarah, Powell

We contacted Chris soon after we adopted our two year old Yorkie mix from a rescue group.  He exhibited some aggressive behavior around food and was not able to listen to commands. Chris began by teaching us basic obedience techniques in our home and we practice with him on our own for about 10 minutes a day. We have seen a dramatic improvement in only two lessons… he can sit, “wait”, will stay in his bed/spot, etc. He is less aggressive around food and shows us more respect as his owners. We will likely use Chris’ facility to board our dog for trips since we know he loves Chris and he will be socialized in the right way with the other dogs there. We highly recommend Chris and are so thankful for his help!
- Mark & Kristin in New Albany

When Linus arrived at 5months of age, he was wild, prey driven, and athletic.  (Bad combination for a walk in the park.)  Having seen what a few sessions with Chris did to eliminate undesirable and overwhelming behavior in my son’s 75- pound dog, I scheduled a consultation.  I explained that I wanted Linus to have freedom to run off lead during appropriate outings and to demonstrate compliance and good manners, a very tall order. Unbelievably, he was doing so well after two sessions that I arranged for the arrival of Lucy, a headstrong, vocal 6 week old with an attitude.  Needless, to say training was in order. Nine session total, and everywhere we go today people compliment the good manners of both dogs, and they are off leash except on very busy streets.  Amazing.  I never thought that would be possible.  Chris is professional, intuitive, and effective – in a word, excellent.  Thank you!

 -Regina and  John, Worthington

We adopted a very spirited little beagle-terrier mix when he was 8 weeks old.  Buster was very playful and cute, but his biting, chewing, jumping, leash tugging and aggressive behavior was difficult to control.  We tried group training with Buster, but he did not respond well, so we scheduled a private training with Chris at our home.  Within one visit, Chris had taught us how to capture Buster's attention and within just a few minutes had him walking calmly on a leash.  After 4 lessons, Buster had made a HUGE turn around and was much more attentive.  He could sit, stay in "place" and even "wait" to eat treats or go out the door until he was given a command.  Chris was patient both with our dog and our family and worked with each member of our family, including the kids, to make sure we were giving Buster the consistent commands and praise that he needed.


-Kim, Delaware

Chris: Thank you for your hard work with Rico. After his training lessons he is a much better dog. Even our neighbors have commented on his transformation. Also I have had the privilege of seeing your facility. It was very nice and such a beautiful setting. I look forward to Rico staying with you again! He seemed to really enjoy himself! Thanks for all your help!
 -Kerry Riemenschneider, Delaware

Chris was very knowledgeable and patient with training both me and my dog Thor.  I say me because it was fascinating to learn that many of the problems had to do with miscues I was giving rather than Thor not paying attention.

 -Susan Hayes, Powell

Awesome! Is the word that I would use to describe our experience with Chris as our trainer and the results we got from the methods that he taught us. Two years ago when we brought a puppy into our house the only thing we were sure about was how we wanted the dog trained and as luck would have it we found Chris and he made the process very easy for us. We used in-house training because it was most practical for us and gave us a chance to see immediate results while we were in our lessons. After only a few weeks it was amazing the results we were seeing, we had a puppy who would sit, lay down, and stay in place for long periods of time making it possible for us to take her almost anywhere we went, allowing her to be a true member of the family as much as possible. Everywhere we went people commented on how well behaved and calm she was and they were surprised whenever we told them how old she was. Now, two years later we have brought Chris back into our home to help us train our new addition who never would have been possible without his dog training techniques and teachings.

 -Heather, Powell

We contacted Chris soon after we adopted our pug from a rescue group.  She exhibited aggressive behavior and distress when around other dogs. Chris began by teaching us basic obedience dog training techniques in our home and neighborhood that we could use with our dog. Then we brought her to Chris' facility so we could learn additional obedience skills and help our dog to work on socialization skills with other dogs in the facility. We were pretty nervous about this at first, but Chris had a very kind, but firm, approach that put us at ease and our pug made visible progress within two visits.

Since that time, our pug continues to make great strides. We are now able to have friends with dogs come over and can now take her to homes where there are other dogs. And she loves it!! We had a dog sitter in our home for 3 weeks this summer and she brought her dog with her and the dogs became good buddies. We have also recently started taking her to a local dog park and she is doing just great with the other dogs!! We sincerely appreciate what Chris did to help US so we could help her! We would recommend his services without reservation.

 -Kay and Gary Clarke, Worthington, Ohio

Chris did a fantastic job training our two dogs.  He not only trained them to be better behaved, but also taught us how to establish and maintain respect and appropriate behavior from them.  He was patient and kind with our dogs and it was evident that he had the knowledge and experience necessary to make a real difference in their behavior.  He proved to us that you can teach an old new tricks (and a couple of owners, too)!

 -Mary Beth, Lewis Center

We used Chris's services w/our new Brittany 1+years ago and he was great.  He helped not only our dog learn what was expected of her, but helped my fiancé and I continue the training.  He shows compassion towards the training of the dog and owners. I would highly recommend Chris's services and experience to anyone looking for a quality, educated trainer. All the best.

  -Ken and Grace, Delaware

We worked with Chris through his at-home training sessions for our 2 dogs, Athena & Logan. Athena was aggressive after having been bitten by other dogs when she was young. Logan, who was a stray before he came to us, had tremendous anxiety issues. Not only did Chris give us the tools we needed to deter Athena's aggression & correct Logan's nervousness, but we could tell that both dogs were just generally happier & more content after getting into the routine of daily "homework" (about 15 minutes of training exercises). Chris' methods made a world of difference in our household & our dogs have a better quality of life as a result. We are very grateful to him!

 -Jamie & Matt, Worthington

After just a few sessions of Chris working with Otto, nuisance behaviors like jumping on guests and begging at the dinner table were taken care of. We were really surprised at how his thoughtful approach to dog behavior training was, and how he was able to appeal to Otto’s willingness to please. I’d recommend Chris to anyone who wants an effective hands on trainer to work with their dog.

 -Mike, Powell

Chris DeBoard has been working with our very large, wonderful, but very smart Komondor dog.  After an evaluation and one lesson, we saw remarkable changes in our dogs behavior.  Chris not only showed us the appropriate ways to deal with her headstrong behavior, but also gave us the tools to take care of the minor behaviors that easily become major problems.  Within months, our dog went from lovable but out of control to the dog that is invited to dinner with us to friends houses.  She is a pleasure to take to outdoor events and on vacation.  Thank you, Chris.
 -Deb Chaffin, Upper Arlington

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Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com
Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com
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